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So you have been charged with Driving While Impaired. What now? In my experience, DWI is one of the most complicated matters in criminal law. It is neither a misdemeanor nor a felony. It is most akin to a misdemeanor, but DWI has different sentencing guidelines from other misdemeanors. Punishments can range from unsupervised probation to two years in prison. In some circumstances, DWI can lead to felony charges.

Clients charged with DWI

My goal is to see that you are not convicted of DWI. I will work hard for you. I will make the State do what is required of it before you can be convicted. I have more than sixteen years of experience representing clients charged with DWI. I have represented clients from the time of their arrest and testing at the jail to their District Court trials, Superior Court appeals and subsequent DMV hearings. I attend hours of continuing education classes each year to maintain current and advanced knowledge about DWI laws and trends.

During a five-minute evaluation of your case, it may appear that you have no defenses available. But I do not make five-minute evaluations. I will explore every last one of your options.

DWI Convictions

In the event you are convicted, there are many steps you should take prior to court. With all DWI convictions, the court will evaluate several mitigating and aggravating factors in order to sentence you. These sentencing guidelines are regulated by the State of North Carolina, and I can help put you in the best possible position for your sentencing hearing before the court.

In all DWI convictions, your privilege to drive in North Carolina will be suspended for a minimum of 12 months. If you face license suspension, there are options available to allow you to drive for certain purposes, including work and household maintenance. If your license has been suspended for a prior DWI conviction, you still have options. Please see the Driving While License Revoked and License Restoration section on this site.

Please see the FAQ section for important information.

I am here to represent YOU.

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