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Drivers License Restoration Attorney

A teenager experiences few greater moments than the day when he or she first gets a driver license. Unfortunately, you can lose this basic but important privilege for a myriad of reasons – from failing to properly handle a traffic citation to DWI. There are many ways to restore your privilege to drive. The most dangerous thing you can do is attempt to repair your own license! Countless pitfalls can cause serious problems for you. You need someone experienced in navigating these complicated issues. I have years of experience in restoring driver licenses. One of my favorite moments as an attorney is telling a client to buy insurance because they are now eligible for their license. It’s like their 16th birthday all over again!

I can usually restore your license without you having to appear in court. I use multiple contacts throughout North Carolina who can assist me if you have issues in multiple counties. I have experience representing clients in DMV hearings as well. I can obtain your driving history and advise you about what is necessary to regain your privilege to drive at NO COST TO YOU for the consultation.

The DMV website is a valuable resource to obtain information. However, do not attempt to repair your license on your own. I can help you.