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Traffic Ticket Attorney

We have all seen flashing blue lights behind us at some point in our life and felt our pulses race in fear. Never argue with an officer. They are doing their duty. Always be polite and respectful, regardless of how you feel. You must comply with a request for the officer to view your license and registration. Nothing further is normally required. Take your citation, thank the officer, and then make an appointment to see me. I can help you minimize the effect the citation will have on your license and – more importantly – on your insurance. I can usually represent you without you appearing in court.

I can usually resolve your matter without you ever leaving home. I accept credit cards and can transmit all paperwork via fax, email or U.S. mail. I will need a copy of your citation and a signed Waiver of Appearance form (see FAQ section). With one payment from you, I will pay all court costs and fines for you and inform you about how your case was disposed.

Below is a list of the most common traffic offenses and the effect a conviction will have on your license.

Insurance Points